Friday, August 24, 2007

New adventures

I've been grumbly about a lack of a Spoon show for DC this fall, but Judy sent me this explanation, from DCist. Apparently, their promoters wanted to move them to a larger bill, playing with the Shins. I am one of those people that prefers the "small room" shows that Britt Daniel mentions. Some bands are great in big arenas--the Shins being one, No Doubt being another-- but generally speaking it's always better to see bands in smaller venues. My philosophy is "the smaller the better"; I thought the Warfield was too large a venue for Sleater-Kinney. Such is the standard lament of people who get into bands before they get superfamous.

Regardless, you may be confused as to why I am concerned at all about DC shows, as I live in Sacramento. However, what I've neglected to announce is that I'm going to be spending the fall in Washington. I've accepted a fellowship with an education policy think tank--one that I really respect and which was influential in the development of the No Child Left Behind Act. I get to live in a big house on Capitol Hill with 9 other fellows (I'm certain I'm the oldest of the bunch, save one wild card). We're being groomed as the next generation of education reformers, and are the inaugural class of fellows. It's pretty exciting, but I've been so consumed with preparation and making sure my household is under control that I've had little time to truly contemplate this experience.

I know I will be worried sick about Mitzie the entire time, even though I have a housesitter. But I am looking forward to rubbing elbows with lots of ed policy bigwigs and to hanging out with Judy! Unfortunately, I'm still working on my thesis, so the first month will probably be a total blur.

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