Sunday, August 05, 2007

Surprise, surprise!

I wish I'd taken my camera with me to a friend's party last night. It was my girlfriend Susan's surprise party for her boyfriend Gary's 45th birthday. She took great care to make sure that his friends and family were in attendance. The celebration was held at Bridges on the River, a nice restaurant with outdoor seating. Everyone was to have arrived before the guest of honor-- sometime before 7:00PM.

There was a decent buffet and free drinks, in addition to a nice blues band set up in the corner.

We were getting up to 8PM before they arrived. I had visited the buffet twice and had two Stella Artois. There was no direction on whether we should hide or shout surprise, but a buzz went through the assembled crowd just before they showed up, so we were able to clap and attempt to surprise.

But it turned out that the surprise was on us, as Gary announced when he stated that he wasn't really surprised because this was, in fact, their SURPRISE WEDDING!

They were married by a friend at whose wedding Gary had officiated, who was so sweetly verklempt that I almost teared up myself. I thought that it was a nice surprise, especially for Gary's family.

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