Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wii and Shaun of the Dead

It was a whirlwind visit. Michelle is en route to LA again, after having been here for less than 48 hours. Despite such a short stay, we had time to visit the pub, eat at Paesano's, walk around East Sac, eat at Shanghai Garden and shop in Old Sac and Downtown Plaza.

The highlight of the weekend had to be Shaun of the Dead on my friends' new projector and 7ft movie screen. We had hoped to watch it outside, under the stars, but the the Delta Breeze last night was too strong, so the screen couldn't stay still. No matter though, the movie was still great, and Michelle has decided it's one of her favorites now. Said friends also have a Nintendo Wii, which is a fascinating game system. We created a Harry Potter Mii, and so far I haven't seen any online that resemble him. It appears that others have created the Miis based on Daniel Radcliffe, not the book illustrations by Mary GrandPre. In retrospect, I can see how our HP Mii might look a little too angular.

This morning we had breakfast at Cafe Bernardo, coffee at Peet's, and then I dropped Michelle at the airport. I hope she gets home quickly--the security line looked a bit ridiculous as I was driving out. I didn't realize Sunday at noon was such a prime flying time. The airport is always dead when I go anywhere.

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