Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Word is out

It never fails. Feed one stray cat and you will attract more. But our little friend, mentioned last week, is friendly. She greets us when we come home, expecting nothing more than a little chin scratch.

The new cats are more or less feral. Last night when I got home, the cat we all know and love was in her perch on top of the neighbor's Audi. As I rounded the corner, I saw one cat dart off toward the front of the complex. The second cat, a very pretty grey tabby, didn't quite take off. It seems he wanted to see if I would go away so he could continue eating. He was very skinny. I stopped and tried to see if he'd let me pet him, or at least let me walk to my stairs without him taking off, but no such luck. He bolted.

I hope he came back and got some food. Poor skinny boo.

And so it seems the friendly cats do all this work for the feral ones. People like the affectionate newcomers, who may be dispatched by roving bands of strays to sucker the humans into leaving out a bowl of food from which they can all pilfer.

I sure do wish that people would take responsibility for their animals, keep them mainly indoors, get them spayed and neutered (for really cheap), and feed them decently.

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