Tuesday, September 04, 2007

4 full days and counting

I've been here for four days and it feels like much longer. The weather has thankfully been really mild, but it's supposed to get hotter and more humid later in the week.

I've taken the bus across town to and from Judy's a few times, attempted shopping in Georgetown, tried to find coffee downtown on a Saturday, watched Serenity, stocked up at Trader Joe's and had bad coffee at the Cosi on this side of Capitol Hill.

Today I attempt to get myself to the foundation for our first meeting via bus or metro. I start work at my partner organization tomorrow.

The fellows are getting used to living in a very large, but rather junky, house secured for us by the foundation for whom we are working. Everyone's been to Trader Joe's and some have been to Whole Paycheck and various yoga studios around town.

One of the rooms on my floor (of course the top floor, because my knee is unhappy right now) is so small that one could consider it a closet. This person is thus lobbying for a full-scale switch between the ladies of the third floor and the men of the first floor. This is mainly a good deal for the men, and not so good for me. I have a pretty decent deal here on the third floor; my room has a bed, desk, dresser, closet and air conditioner in the window, is close to the bathroom and separated from the rest of the floor. Generally speaking, the floor is like an attic and it's unfair to house people up here considering the disparity between the floors. We have no stove, a mini-fridge, and the television-viewing area is stuck in a corner outside the room of the fellow who goes to bed the earliest.

This housing is mostly used by undergrads, who are generally more amenable to living in shitholes. I know that I was when I was that age. But, seeing as I can generally afford better accommodations than those being provided, it's annoying to be expected to be happy with this house, and thus I don't blame my housemates for jockeying for better arrangements. I'm conflicted by a desire to help everyone out, but I don't feel like losing out on the deal to do it.

It will be interesting to see what everyone else decides today.

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