Friday, September 21, 2007


I might stop writing here as much. I've come to realize that, over the past few years, my faux inner life has overtaken my real one. I remember Jeff saying something about his therapist encouraging him to give up his blog, and him deciding to decline. At the time, I defended it, needing as much to justify it for him as to rationalize my devotion to my own. It's hard--you get in the habit of creating this little personal opinion journal and start to depend on it for validation. I can't see how that can be good.

My yogini housemate talks a lot about non-attachment. She's been systematically giving up things that have too great a hold over her. I am thinking of doing something similar. I blog for all the wrong reasons. Not the reasons I began blogging. I could see the humor in it before, but now I've become Pavlovian about it.

I'd like to write more about how I feel I'm changing, but I feel like it's too personal. And I'm not sure that anyone cares to read it, anyway.

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