Friday, September 14, 2007


One thing that DC has, that Sacramento doesn't, is major league soccer. MLS started up when I was in college and hanging out with British folks and anglophiles. I went to Chicago Fire games at Soldier Field with them, and it was pretty fun. The last MLS game I saw was here at RFK stadium, between DC United and the aforementioned Chicago team. Wouldn't you know that on Saturday, October 13, they're playing each other?

I'm going to go. Something to look forward to.

That following weekend, I plan to go see Spoon in Philadelphia, since it's a huge mess to try and see them here. There are several shows at the 9:30 club that I hope to get tickets for, including Cat Power and possibly the Apples in Stereo, or maybe Metric.

In this regard, DC ain't so bad. I used to have an event every week when I lived in Chicago, and this is just an opportunity to reignite that part of my life.

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