Thursday, September 13, 2007

We are semi-famous

So, the Foundation decided we needed a blog. And then they decided that it should be public. And publicized. So it was mentioned in their podcast, and linked to on their web site. And then it got picked up by a prominent edblog, and then another, and another. We were made fun of (in a friendly sort of way, I hope) by the most prominent education news organization, in its blog.

We added a hit counter to the blog and now we can see that people all over, from unions to ed schools to offices of education, are reading. And that generated some concern among our partner organizations--though the opinions are officially unofficial, they are still worried about them being associated with our respective jobs. And since this is Washington, everyone's worried about the wrong message getting out.

I have to get my posts approved by communications staff here now. Which means no blogging on the weekends, censoring my opinions (because, whether they intend it or not, that is what we will do), and obsessing over my writing. Which is probably the silver lining, in that I'll be forced to be less off-the-cuff about what I'm saying, and more structured in my thinking.

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