Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It is easy to avoid being this "not green"

It seems I'm turning into an enviroblogger again, even though I was an enviro long before it was fashionable, and my biggest concern was just how to make it mainstream and avoid the hippie association. Because there's nothing I don't like like hippies. Except maybe namby-pambies. Or chickenshits.

But I digress. I am posting now to alert you to a nice post to which I was alterted in my Blog Action Day comments by one Kermit Johnson, keeper of a real estate blog in Minnesota. Kermit notes that yupsters and grups (but not GUPYs!) and no doubt boomers are installing that most egregious of flooring materials, Brazilian hardwood, in their excessively appointed homes, in numbers far too high to be acceptable. Knowing the price of reclaimed teak (yikes!), I can't blame them, but then again, I can.

You must be living under a rock to not know that Brazilian forests, unless FSC-certified (and not the new, industry-supported greenwash certification, either), is probably not sustainably harvested and even so, sometimes I think we ought to put a moratorium on anything coming out of the rainforest until Brazil gets its act together. Unfortunately, economics is a powerful motivator. Kind of like breathing and drinking water.

But really. We can all agree that hardwood floors are one of the most lovely and long-term uses of wood in general. And in some ways, they are probably better for the environment than carpet (unless you buy FLOR, which is produced sustainably). So no one is advocating avoiding the hardwoods altogether (it's better than concrete and linoleum, right?). All we are saying is learn the provenance of your luxury home building products, 'kay? You can afford it. You're paying for luxury, right?

Oh, and for your sake as well as mine, consider low- to no-VOC paints. It's good for what ails ya!

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