Monday, October 29, 2007

Lost value

Well, the Red Sox have won the pennant again. Since I am not really a New England fan, the commandeering of the living room television by my Maine-raised roommate has been a slight annoyance. In fact, the sports television monopoly really needs to end. There are only so many televisions in the house. One happens to be in my room, but I happen to prefer being in the living room. My room is freezing cold, because it is my destiny to always have a cold bedroom.

In the midst of the BoSox resurgence, the Yankees have been doing some soul-searching. After all, they've bought what is supposed to be the best team in the league, and yet they can't seem to win a championship. They have the best hitter in the league in Alex Rodriguez. Well, make that had. A-Rod's opting out of the rest of his lucrative contract.

A-Rod should have stayed with the Mariners. He's a great player and as far as I recall, was well-loved by Seattle. The M's team he left was on the verge of greatness and could have done well with him on board. Instead, he took the Deion Sanders route of chasing money and lost a lot of credibility. The Mariners are a team's team, not a team of fancypants stars. Sort of like how the Sacramento Kings used to be and the Spurs are. I'm sure there were contract issues that contributed to A-Rod's departure from my beloved Mariners, but this guy could have been a savior and well-appreciated. He never got any love from New York. It will be interesting to see where he ends up next.

And, since I hate the Yankees like any self-respecting fan of any other American League team, and judging from the incredibly snobby reaction coming out of New York, I hope A-Rod signs with the A's and kicks all your asses next year.

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