Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mind and body

I finally plucked together the motivation to join the YWCA fitness center--no fees to join, no long-term commitment. It is near my office, and across the street from both the library and a Metro station. The people at the gym seem very nice and it has the bulk of the amenities I will need for the rest of my time in DC.

Everyone is much nicer than the folks at my gym in Sacramento, which I'm considering leaving anyway. Though I suppose that means I'll have to find a new one. I'm picky about gyms.

I start my dance class this week too. As much as being in DC doing a fellowship requires being stuck in my head a lot, I felt the need to learn something new on a physical level. I figure I ought to use this body before it completely wears out. Which could be any moment now.

Despite my efforts to be less cerebral away from work (and thesis), my housemates are in the throes of GRE prep. This means endless vocabulary quizzes and math problem discussions. I've realized that I have seriously let my own vocabulary in use dwindle. So this morning I've been occupying myself by playing this vocabulary game, Free Rice. For every vocab word you guess correctly, the site donates 10 grains of rice. You get smarter, hungry people get fed. It's addictive, so be prepared. I don't know half the words, but they are domain specific, so I think I can cut myself some slack. I've been guessing pretty effectively despite the paucity of my lexicon.

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