Friday, October 05, 2007

Starting and stopping

I have several draft posts I've attempted to begin and discarded in the last few days. One was about the Discovery Health show "Honey, We're Killing the Kids," which is an obesity-oriented version of "Supernanny." I think it's good to teach families how to eat well, but the reinforcement of traditional gender roles around fixing the issue annoyed me. I realize that appealing to moms' concern for their families' health is the crux of a successful campaign to improve nutrition in California, but time is an issue for parents, and no effort was made to help the mother of this family learn how to prepare fresh foods quickly--like preparing some elements ahead of time and freezing them, or creating a system of rewards and punishments to get the children and the father to assist, or even, particularly, getting the poor woman a damn food processor. Finally, the show is clearly for people with money, which, generally speaking, is a population that has resources available to address their childrens' health and fitness. Unless, of course, Discovery was going to pay for these boys' karate lessons indefinitely.

As regards starting and stopping, I've been working on my thesis again. My topic is hot right now, and a lot of data have surfaced since I started writing it earlier this year, so I may, after finishing my analysis, have to revise the introduction and lit review. No matter what, though, it has to be finished by November 15th. My professor is in town for a conference this weekend, and after we met for lunch yesterday, he was insistent that I get it done--hence my renewed focus. It's fun to see people from home, here.

In order to motivate myself, I have given myself a few incentives. First, no working on my knitting until I make "reasonable progress." (Check out this for some knitting-related humor.) Secondly, if I do well tonight and tomorrow morning, I am going to check out a Chuck Close exhibit at the Adamson Gallery. And I'm going to forgo the Common and Q-Tip show that I was considering tonight. Especially since I should stay off my knee a little while longer. It feels somewhat better this morning.

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