Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where my stitches at?

After a few months of waiting, I received an invitation to Ravelry, a social networking/project update/forum site for knitters and crocheters and other needle artisans. It is a great setup, with areas to showcase projects, track progress, describe surprises and challenges, track other people's projects, create a virtual pattern and stash backlog, and centralized knit-a-longs. I have only three friends so far, but they are good ones!

I've been working on two projects for the last several weeks while avoiding other work I have to do. Everything is in a state of suspended animation this week, for whatever reason. However, I have a progress shot of the sock I began over my birthday weekend.
Judy insists that I'm finishing them. I hope so, but I've been diverted by my Danica scarf (pics when I actually make more meaningful progress). I'm taking the sock to work today. Maybe there will be time to work on it.

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