Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Worst case scenario

Yesterday, the thing I fear most about being dependent on my own two legs to get me around happened: I busted my knee. As usual, I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I was walking, briskly, back to the office after lunch. I took one stride, then another, and then I felt something pinch. Last summer when I hurt my knee, I went to the orthopedist, who x-rayed my knees and insisted I was fine. It took over a month for my knee to fully heal that time. I pray it doesn't this time.

Sadly, there is no quick treatment for this knee injury (not that I have useful health insurance in this instance, anyway). Just brace it, keep ice on it, and take ibuprofen. I sure do wish scientists would get on the stick and figure out how to make nanotech that fixes my joints. Having the same injury for over 15 years is really getting old. As, apparently, am I!

Fortunately, there is a bus stop outside my front door, so I should be able to keep walking to a minimum for the next few days. I wouldn't mind some kind soul lending me a Segway, though. I suppose it is time for me to focus on my knee-strengthening exercises again. I was hoping to start them up this week, as I was planning to enroll in a intro to dance course later this month. Once the inflammation goes down and the pain subsides (my whole right thigh is killing me from dragging my stiff leg around-- I look like an old lady when I walk!), I'll be all over it.

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