Thursday, November 29, 2007

The rest of the year

The rest of this year is going to be crazy. I am scrambling to finish my thesis (which is currently seeming not outside of the realm of possibility), trying to focus on something of substance to show for my fellowship (fits and starts have characterized both my projects), and get things cleaned, organized and packed for my return to Sacramento.

People have said they expected me to stay in DC, and others have suggested it might be healthier for me. In the context of my traumatic twenties, spent almost entirely in Sacramento, and in the sense that federal policy is the most glamorous, these rationales are well-reasoned.

Reason not being a dint by which I make decisions, I still agree that I might enjoy living here. However, in the ways that I personally think it is better, it presents a challenge to my personal habit of trying to fix past wrongs by refusing to let go when I probably should. On a daily basis I vacillate between trying to find something here and finishing my thesis--making little progress on either front, of course.

As my time here wanes and I take stock of what I've gained versus what I'd hoped to do, I'm inclined to throw out both alternatives and start all over completely. But I'm also PMSing right now, so it's best to hold off and wait until I can think objectively again.

In light of my hectic schedule, I don't know if I'll have time to write. Thus, I will use this space to force me to do something else I wanted to do while here: take photos of the city. I'll try to post a couple here every day. But be forewarned, there will probably be a quality issue, since I'll be focusing on quantity.

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