Sunday, December 30, 2007

Absolute torture

I recognize that I exaggerate, but trying to finish my thesis is very frustrating stuff. I hit a bit of a writer's block last Saturday, so I continued with data entry. I finally finished that on Wednesday night, which should have left me plenty of time for analysis and writing, to be completed yesterday. But no, I have incomprehensibly large multicollinearity diagnostics (that probably means that I've double-coded something, but with 100+ variables, how the hell do I know which one?) and a reasonable explanatory power that really shouldn't be happening, given how much data I'm missing. Which means I have to do the dreaded error analysis. Yick. I hate regression and ed policy. They say this is common in thesis-writing. I'd rather be stretched on the rack. However, I'd really like to finish the damn thing today or tomorrow, so I can RELAX before starting my new job.

I am so scheduling a spa day for myself when this is all over.

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