Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm so vain

I am. I admit it. In addition to being a hopeless unbeliever, I'm quite the narcissist too. I can't really help it, I think I'm wired that way. It certainly explains why my mom's been telling me I'm not the princess since I was old enough to listen to what she was saying. Which may or may not have been when I was old enough to communicate.

Even so, is it really too much to ask that my graduation pictures not suck? I concede that the big red glasses are perhaps not the most understated or academic choice (and maybe a little Sally Jessy Raphael), but I look simply ridiculous in all of the photos. Partly because of the glasses, partly because mortar boards are rather unflattering headgear, and of course because I just never seem to look like I see myself in photos taken by anyone other than my mother. Which is to say that my cheekbones, so pronounced in profile, never show up in pictures taken by "professional" photographers. Over the years, I've managed to figure out my good side and how to hold my head, but all this was for naught--Arco Arena isn't exactly the best lighting.

And my hood is uneven. Gah. I'm going to have to don my goofy robes and take my own pictures. This is a little disappointing because I had hoped for the academy to redeem its poor showing in my first baccalaureate experience--wherein the lady announcing my name called me Mia, which totally ruined my post-diploma photo.

On the other hand, my name was perfectly pronounced. So that's something.

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