Friday, December 21, 2007

Return to the other Capitol

I'm back. I got in yesterday after the most ridiculous turbulence I have ever experienced. Drinks had just been handed out and the plane hit the top of a thunderstorm. I've been bad turbulence before-- having flown across the upper Midwest and PacNW many times, in and out of Denver and Burbank, what have you-- but nothing can compare to what we experienced yesterday out of McCarran. It was not unlike the crash scene in Airplane! Drinks were flying everywhere, and I was grateful for my choice of ginger ale rather than my usual coffee or tomato juice! People were crying and babies were screaming, and the 25-year Air Force tanker pilot next to me was not impressed. I'm considering making a video re-enactment.

The most amusing/coincidental part of the whole thing was my particularly cynical view of the safety procedure song and dance that takes place prior to takeoff- in which they inform of the pathetically useless safety devices on board. I assure you, the inflateable slides, flotation devices and oxygen masks they take great care to demonstrate will have no role in saving anyone from a 30,000-foot windshear-driven plummet to the earth.

In addition, I'd been listening to the This American Life podcast, in which Act One imagines a fight between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, in which the pterodactyl en route to Rockapulco gets a broken wing. Supposedly. Worth a listen.

So, after my eventful afternoon, I got home. My belongings intact and the only casualty of the flight from hell being one of the straps on my relatively new Eddie Bauer duffel bag, which must have gotten stuck in the machinery to have been ripped out at the seam.

It's great to be back. I'm graduating tonight.

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