Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I started a new job last week. I'm still trying to finish up my thesis, too. My job is probably the most demanding I've ever had, both because I'm already traveling and because I don't really know anything about how to do it. I hope I'll be good at it, once I get the hang of it. It takes advantage of my tendency to obsess over details and complain about the lack of an ideal universe. If the theory of sublimation is true (in psychology, not chemistry--because that's not a theory), then perhaps I can exhaust my need to do that in a controlled environment, and take it easy in the rest of my life.

Speaking of exhaustion, I am completely fried. I wasn't out late last weekend, or much at all. I've been trying to get sleep and fight a cold that's been going around the office. I've also been sleeping like crap--my neck has been progressively more painful. I don't know why, considering I've been hunched over my laptop for the past 3 weeks straight. Why should this be any different?

In a non-sequitur, I need a pet-sitter for Mitzie. Aside from East Sac Pet Pals, which is $15 a visit and could get to be a bit pricey, I'm looking for ideas or volunteers. Not that I wouldn't pay. But $45-60/week is more than I can swing on a regular basis.

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