Saturday, January 05, 2008


The storm we had yesterday prompted this exclaimation from me to the guy at the bank: "It's like Florida!" Which received a really confused look, until I clarified, "Like a hurricane, you know?" While driving to campus, because I feared my power would go out and I would have no way to finish my thesis, I thought I had a flat tire because the wind was blowing so hard that it was impeding my progress. Trying to negotiate closing my car door and keeping the parking permit from flying out of its spot on the dash while balancing my umbrella and coffee and books was a challenge, but I managed.

A lot of damage throughout town--flooded streets from blocked drains that crews are still clearing, big, old trees uprooted and lying on their sides, several street lights still out or flashing yellow and red. I drove over to Arden tonight and the smaller branches and other detritus were lined up between lanes and on the side of the road in much the same way as snow remains on the streets after the plows come through.

I wish I'd taken pictures, it was a sight. My place seems to have survived without much damage, though I dreamt that half my apartment had collapsed from the wind. My DirecTV connection was the only casualty, a little disappointing because I wanted to watch the presidential debates tonight. C'est la vie, I went shopping instead! (Killer sales, folks. Killer.)

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