Thursday, February 07, 2008

Digital shackles

It pains me ever so that I pay DirecTV so much money every month so that I may watch approximately 3 hours of television a week, and maintain the (very slight) possibility of watching anything else I like, whenever I like, which results in very little excess tv-watching. I also find it quite irritating that, after two weeks of no television due to our big storm in January, I am again without service due to the winds from the storms we had last weekend. I missed the Super Tuesday returns and Project Runway (for the third time, and missing this show is wearing upon my commitment to cable entirely). The DirecTV folks can't make it out to fix it until Saturday.

As we move into the age of digital-only television, in just over a year's time, I become increasingly dependent on the cable/satellite company as arbiter of my access to all television content, unless I wish to purchase a digital set-top converter box, which may nicely complement the rabbit ears I keep on hand, even though they don't work very well. for when I don't have service.

This is, in part, my own fault, as I am quite partial to my 1970's-esque television, which functions not only as a television but also as a piece of furniture and a functional assist to Mitzie as she attempts to get into the living room window. Replacing this teevee with a new-fangled digital-ready model would completely ruin the aesthetic in my living room. Thus, unless I give up television entirely (which could be possible given that half my shows are available on the web--though Bravo is not on this bandwagon, sadly), I will remain in the clutches of this fickle service provider indefinitely.

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