Saturday, February 02, 2008

Getting ready to run

I really, really, really want to get in shape. Since the Never Ending Knee Injury of 2005 I've been acting like a little old lady just happy to be able to self-ambulate without difficulty. Given my mentality these last several years, that's probably not terrible; gratitude is generally preferable to hysteria and prolonged anguish. I gave a lot of things power then-- I can only wish that adapting to change didn't take me so long all the time.

I've always had the crap knees, and until recently, I have managed to be very fit in spite of them. Now that I'm done with school, there should be no viable reason why I can't regain my physical prowess (within reason, since the metabolism may or may not return to its former glory).

Thus, once again, with a positive attitude, good health insurance and enough money and time to dedicate to the enterprise, I'm embarking on the Abs Diet for Women. A sensible six-week plan that entails eating lots of peanut butter, smoothies, avoiding alcohol (for the first two weeks only) and the dreaded high fructose corn syrup, and doing a reasonable amount of exercise, the Abs Diet for Women has always seemed like a diet and lifestyle plan that I can adhere to.

Aside from my earlier expressed goal of playing tennis by this summer, I'm giving myself a BHAG (big, hairy audacious goal): to run on a regular basis at McKinky Park. Running, after all, is really quickly effective exercise. I'm headed to Fleet Feet to get fitted for newbie running shoes, and I've assembled all my old knee-strengthening exercises from my tennis-playing days. Viva fitness!

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