Friday, February 15, 2008

Music in Sac

I know, I said I wouldn't post, but I had to note this.

I used to spend more time in music venues in Sacramento. We have several really great places for smaller shows, and even Harlow's can be good for the occasional smallish indie rock band en route to or from SF. Since I got all busy with grad school, I stopped following the Sacto music scene. It's too bad, but in some ways I suppose I've outgrown it (going to shows in general, not Sacto music). However, it's not without a little wistfulness that I note that Deimos is calling it quits. Deimos was the first band in Sacramento that I discovered on my own. They play the second of their remaining three shows tonight at Old Ironsides, with Knock Knock, the English Singles and Sam Kazakgascar. While I probably should, I likely won't make my way over there, but that's going to be a good show!

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