Friday, February 29, 2008

Theses are Forever

Doing the best I can with a truncated idea, limited data and fewer interviews than I had hoped for, I am nearly ready to press the send button and get my thesis signed off on by my committee. I think I'll be done this weekend as long as I'm able to finish my office work by the end of the workday today (which, depending on the state of flow of my brain, is at the very least possible) and not have to work overtime this weekend.

People are slightly exasperated with me for being so slow to finish. The reasons are twofold. First, I'm tired when I get home from work and my brain is a bit mush. It's no excuse, as I am really pushing myself this year to develop self-discipline and improve my thinking, writing and speaking skills, which will require more work than what I can accomplish during an 8-hour workday anyway. The other reason for my foot-dragging is most certainly what is illustrated by this article, which describes a debate over the value of Hillary Clinton's and Michelle Obama's these as sources of information for evaluating presidential campaigns. I am by no means suggesting that I plan to run for office or that anyone actually cares about the intellectual quality of my thesis. However, this is a published document which I am releasing to the world for all to see. This means opening my closely guarded thought processes and writing abilities (okay, maybe that one is less guarded) up for scrutiny that I won't even be privy to in most cases.

In addition, finishing my thesis symbolizes the completion of a 6-year journey from a lost and frustrated college graduate with a desire to do something that results in a greater contribution to society than what I felt I could reasonably accomplish with my bachelors degree to a hopefully more equipped, confident and content adult. And while I do feel better equipped to do something meaningful, I struggle regularly with the idea that I'm faking it. And a bad thesis in the library would be proof of that. Nonetheless, I really want to be done, so done I will be, ASAP.

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