Thursday, February 07, 2008

Too trendy

I have a friend who often disparages folks who seek out the cool ahead of the mainstream. Not unlike the best of craigslist post by the most interesting person ever. What's interesting, or rather, funny, is that he is friends with me.

I try really hard to be on board with all the latest and greatest or the quirkiest and most unconventional, or at the very least, up to date on the youngish recommends from NPR. I don't know if I'm motivated by my desire to be cool or my fear of being a loser. Either way, it's become so second nature that I fully expect to be ahead of the game most of the time. On the other hand, I do the things I do because I like them. I just can't figure out if I like them because I think they're cool to like or because of some intrinsic value. (Since taking economics, and deciding that I am a narcissist, I can't tell the difference anymore. It's all about utils, no matter how you slice it.)

So this morning I hopped on the bus and immediately reminded myself of this dilemma. A girl whom I see every day I ride wears a Sac City Rollergirls sweatshirt. Being that I'm totally an expert in roller derby thanks to my time with the DCRG last fall, I've been meaning to figure out the deal here in Sac. So I asked the girl if she was on the team. She isn't, but her sister is. Sister-rollergirl is a very avid fan. A new season for SCRG starts on March 22, 2008 with intra-league play. Barring any unforeseen impediments, I'll probably be at the Davis Indoor Sports Center.

Then, after I bade my new derby-admirer friend adieu, I proceeded to open my bag and pull out the most recent issue of Craft magazine, thumbing through the new projects (softies figure prominently, as usual), when it occurred to me that this, too, could be branded intentionally trendy, offbeat, whatever.

So I have to wonder, does my friend's disdain for the trendchaser lifestyle mean I'm just really good at covering up this deficiency in his presence?

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