Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dangerous Pose

I sometimes get too lazy to go to the gym in the morning and instead avail myself of the half-hour yoga instruction available from Namaste Yoga, which airs on FitTV at 5:30AM (if you have DirecTv, at least). Generally, the vinyasa sequences are manageably challenging and invigorating. After a funky day at work yesterday, I needed to begin today with a vigorous, but not impossible, practice. Sadly, Namaste Yoga is trying to make me bust my ass.

What Namaste Yoga refers to as Dancing Shiva sequence, I consider excessively difficult for a show meant to provide guided home practice to millions of folks in their living rooms. With no yogis to ensure proper form, and no demonstration of an alternate pose, what am I to do with an extended bout of crane pose, which is quite hard on my shoulders and wrists? I can see a situation in which a particularly internally competitive person could really hurt themselves pushing to get into these poses before building the proper technique and strength. I can't even figure out what I would do to become strong enough and flexible enough for this pose.

Yoga helps me calm my mind and get centered for the day, not become frustrated. Too bad I couldn't even finish this session! I guess I will have to use my walk to the bus stop to set my intention for the day.

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