Sunday, March 02, 2008

Decrapin08 (pronounced "decrapinate")

My admittedly lackluster efforts to get a handle on the mess that is my house were thwarted. Last year was a like a tornado sweeping through my life. I had so much change and upheaval in 2007 (not, truly, all that different from 2005 or 2006, but at least I can sort of trace where those years went) that I gave up on being organized.

However, living in an ever-shifting, ever-growing mass of crap (mostly paper and yarn) is getting on my nerves. I spent some time working on doing the Apartment Therapy Cure last year, and I managed to do the kitchen and bathroom, both of which please me as best they can.

As an aside, I have to say that of all the rooms in a house/apartment/dwelling/lodging to shortchange, I believe the kitchen should be the last, and the bathroom next to that. Cooking and eating and bathing and primping are far more important activities to me than sleeping and watching television. Speaking of television, since I reinstated my gym membership on Saturday (yay! yoga tomorrow AM!), I'll be cutting back my television channels and summarily and consistently bitching at DirecTv about the need for better programming tiers. I looked at my viewing habits and realized that the difference between what I regularly watch on the Family (read: cheapest) tier and the Choice tier consists of one channel. Unfortunately, it's my favorite channel: Bravo. But I should not have to pay $30 extra a month for ONE CHANNEL. So I'm giving it up. If you have cable, I'll probably beg you to let me watch Top Chef at your house. Getting rid of Bravo will be good for me. That channel and all it's vapid non-Project Runway/Top Chef/Top Design programming (like Make Me a Supermodel and The Millionaire Matchmaker) conspire to make me stupid and divert me from more important pursuits, like reading Chaucer (or more likely, Nabokov, as me and old Geoff really don't get along), or at the very least, keeping on top of the mass of crap that threatens to bury me.

I've had no time to unpack a big box from my time in DC, so it sits in the living room taking up space. Piles of papers are everywhere. Some of them have to do with my thesis, others with finances, still more with god knows what latest scheme I'm working on. I come from a long line of hoarders, and I don't intend to go gently into that cluttered night. I'm fighting this aspect of my nature every step of the way, and Decrapin08 starts tomorrow.

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