Friday, March 07, 2008

Financial Anxiety

It's a good thing I've been so busy at work--I haven't had much time to follow the bad news regarding the economy. That changed this morning when I awoke to nothing but bad news on NPR. While I may personally do my part to prop up our flagging economy, the numbers I've noticed in the last week are, as usual, making me freak out. Despite knowing more about how economics works (or perhaps because of this), I can't help but get freaked out when I hear about falling job numbers and rising food and energy prices. I've been reading frugality and volunteer simplicity blogs for a while, but it doesn't mean I'm any better equipped to weather this storm than anyone else (except a subprime home mortgage holder, I suppose).

In other news, though I work in an office where business attire is required, today we get to wear jeans. It's disconcerting, so I'm wearing a button-up shirt to offset the incongruity.

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