Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not me

I just want to clear things up for people who haven't seen my house. A lot of web passers-by have clicked on the picture in yesterday's post. While that does resemble my childhood bedroom and living room, it is not a photo of any room in my house. It is not a mess of my creation. I'm not that cluttered!

I do have a ton of knitting-related clutter, though it's largely restricted to a closet and corner of my living room. After Stitches West, I've been inspired to plan several new projects. Amazingly, with yarn I already have. Here's a run-down:

1) Vestish from Metapostmodern Knitting. While I dig the tweed yarn that it's made from, I'm going to be using a grey superwash merino I bought from elann last year.

2) As usual, Interweave doesn't disappoint with their latest issue. I want to make two pieces from this one. The first is the Flutter-Sleeve Cardigan, using this Rowan summer tweed I bought years ago and half-finished a different cardigan before getting bored and starting a new project. I frogged it and the yarn (a thistle color) is ready and waiting.

3) Finally, with the yarn I purchased at Stitches West (a nice mauve-ish color), I'm going to make the Holly Jacket, with wood buttons.

I was going to update on my progress of Bad Penny, but it will have to wait. I gotta catch the bus!

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