Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Perfect Plan

I've been searching for a way to improve my fitness level, with several higher-level goals associated with things like 1) running a mile in under 10 minutes, and 2) playing tennis without re-injuring my shoulder, 3) playing golf on a regular basis, 4) actually being able to go salsa dancing when someone suggests it, 5) swimming more than half a lap without getting winded, and 6) camping without a car (which means carrying a pack).

The difficulty of finding time to do these things notwithstanding, trying to identify all the various exercises that could create a decent foundation for these goals has been a challenge I haven't felt up to. I go to the gym and do my usual routine, telling myself that I'm easing back into an exercise plan.

This is pathetic. I am the girl who used to work out every single day, sometimes twice, just because I liked developing more muscle definition and I feel really great. But now, I'm a lazy slob. Today, I happened across this link:

It's a decent measure of several elements of fitness, not unlike the pushup craze that seems to be sweeping the interweb. In any case, maybe if I add this to my routine, I'll be on my way to a reasonable fitness level, rather than being a girl who goes to the gym but hates to sweat.

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