Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pretty little things

The Knitting Curmudgeon says we've hit peak knitting, which is to say that the boomlet that began in 2004 is on the decline, and that despite the bumper crop of upcoming books, knitting will soon fall by the wayside as a trendy craft, overtaken by (in my opinion) felting, crocheting and sewing. Signs of this have been on the horizon for at least a year now. I hope that knitting remains a viable element of the craft spectrum, as I really enjoy the community that has developed on Ravelry, and I love all the yarns that have blossomed in recent years. Plus, I still hold out hope for making my own yarn with my personally raised alpacas someday.

A slowdown in the proliferation of knitting patterns might not be a terrible thing. It would give me time to work on and finish some of the backlog of "things I really want to knit" without being distracted by the avalanche of awesome patterns the past 18 months have brought. Even Knitty, which I haven't been feeling lately, is experiencing an upswing in interesting patterns--besides socks. Though I remain unconvinced as to whether I could rock it, the Nob Hill Jacket is begging for me to make it in teal and gray.
I find myself completely charmed by Marjorie, Jaden, the Lace Ribbon Scarf, and even the kid's pattern Juju.

Stitch Diva has released a new pattern that might inspire me to learn to crochet and do broomstick lace (whatever that is) in the
Hourglass Jacket, which I saw on display at Stitches West and was completely taken with.

Another new pattern from Wendy Bernard also tickles my fancy,Labyrinth in the short-sleeved version. Though, as is the case with most Stitch Diva interpretations of knitted gear, I wouldn't wear the neckline quite so low.

I am also in love with nearly everything in the Berroco book Norah Gaughan vol. 1 and Veronik Avery's Knitting Classic Style. I love this sweater in particular, and I think if I were to start on it tomorrow, I might finish it by winter. All this, of course, after I finish Bad Penny and the three patterns I mentioned a few weeks ago.

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