Monday, March 10, 2008

This used to work

I'm posting this message from my e-mail because I want to see if this feature still works. I may, or may not, have changed the e-mail address that is supposed to link to Postcards.

It was an eventful weekend, beginning with drinks with coworkers at the Pre-Flite, an awesome dive-y bar near the office whose actual location I am loathe to broadcast given the degree of ire its outing drew as a result of a mention in a News & Review article a while back. After drinks we went to Pooja Indian Grill in West Sacramento, where we ate all manner of really awesome dishes, including chicken vindaloo, rogan josh, lam saag wala, chicken tikka masala and paneer masala (which was my favorite, I think).

I actually made it to the gym on Saturday morning, and I began looking for a new apartment. I'm torn as to whether I want to leave my comfy abode--I have great neighbors and I love my neighborhood. However, they'll be doing all that construction to move the Sacred Heart school into the space directly across from my place, and then they'll be doing all that construction to expand the hospital. I'm personally opposed to the decision to disrupt this particular neighborhood, and not just because I live in it. It's a residential neighborhood that's already very congested with traffic because it's one of two routes over the river. Traffic up J and H to get to Sac State is generally awful in the evenings (not that I have to worry about it anymore, but still), and adding another bottleneck to the mix is going to make life miserable for a good many folks.

Saturday night I went to see/hear the Sac State choir perform at Sacred Heart church. The acoustics were lovely, but the Men's Chamber Choir rendition of Sinner Man was NOT GOOD. Leave the gospel to the gospel choir, I say. The first number was the best, an Inuit composition that was beautiful and eerie. I wonder if it can be found on the soundtrack for The Fast Runner.

After the concert, Pam and G and I went to Sweetwater for appetizers and aperitifs, which would have been improved if the people at the bar had been less raucous. But the food was good, and so was the wine.

Yesterday I continued my overtime streak. I got a lot of work done, but am awaiting another hammerblow this afternoon. I'm supposed to get dinner with a friend at the place above Thai Basil on J Street, but we'll see if that comes to fruition.

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