Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kozmo, why did you have to die?

As I sit here, procrastinating wildly on completing my thesis (it's all over but the shouting, if you can believe it), munching on candy and drinking some hastily prepared (and as result, a bit too sweet) Crystal Light, I am craving root beer. If this were the year 2000 and I lived in Seattle, I would have occasion to order some (via the web, no less!) from A bicyclist would have been dispatched post-haste to satisfy my need for sweet and sugary soda, arriving at my doorstep with a two-liter in hand, for a song.

Obviously, this last part was kozmo's downfall-- the delivery fees people were willing to pay, and the convenience fee added to the price of everything in kozmo's rapidly growing catalog, failed to garner the business enough capital to stay afloat.

For a time, I could order pop-tarts, soup, cigarettes and sandwiches and have them delivered to my desk. I'll never forget how awesome that was. Rest in peace,

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