Friday, April 18, 2008

Losing time

I know that watches are considered obsolete among the younger set. However, I have noticed an alarming trend since I misplaced mine. I find I don't keep track of time as much as I do when wearing a watch. If I didn't have plenty to fill up my time, this might not matter, but I do. I also worry that I'm insensitive to others' needs as a result of my diminishing sense of time.

Also, since I don't have a primary timepiece, I've been under- and over-estimating the time it takes for me to get to the bus stop. Though the bus arrival and departure times are less than consistent, I've been lulled by a false sense of security into assuming I'll always make the bus on time. Maybe if I always knew the time, I'd be less inclined to try to push my luck.

So, it's time to buy another watch and continue my slide into old fogey-ness. It's an anachronism I can't avoid. Anyone seen any good timepieces lately?

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