Friday, April 11, 2008


Today's post is a hodgepodge. Apologies in advance.

First, I'm thinking of retiring this blog on its fifth official anniversary. I can't write about politics. It's bugging me. I have this awesome post about a certain controversial school and since its founder is running for office, I don't feel comfortable talking about it. I'm considering an anonymous re-launch.

I read about an old guy who was run over in the crosswalk at 16th & N. The driver didn't stop. That is unconscionable and I hope he gets caught.

The problem with iPods is that no one listens to albums anymore. I just throw everything on shuffle at work. I am just now processing one of the tunes on Radiohead's new one, called Bodysnatchers. It's almost not a Radiohead song, but then again it reminds me of Electioneering.

This American Life is presenting a live simulcast in movie theatres across the country on May 1st. I'm buying my ticket today, but I'm a little disappointed by the fact that the "live" simulcast will be tape-delayed in PDT. If they started at 8PM CDT, it would be 6PM here, 7PM in MDT and 9PM EDT. I think East Coasters, who are used to staying up late to watch things like West Coast sporting events, would accommodate the inconvenience better than us. Instead, the rest of the country gets to see this thing live and West Coasters don't even have a choice.

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