Monday, May 19, 2008

Be fit

NPR did a story on the Wii Fit today. Steve Inskeep made an observation while being instructed on deep breathing by the game, something to the effect of "why do I need an expensive game console to breathe deeply?"

Despite the inanity of it, I have always like video games that involved my entire body. I was certifiably obsessed with the Nintendo power pad as a youth. (Don't you love that word, in reference to your childhood?) Interactive games like Dance Dance Revolution, though they completely stump me, are absolutely fascinating. I'm not alone either; I once saw a Spanish language show where teams competed on a DDR machine. Matching the patterns given by the machine was secondary to flipping over the bars on the machine and effecting what can best be conjured by memories of Kid 'n' Play.

I have to say, though the fashions of the 90s were absolutely terrible, they sure could dance.

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