Thursday, May 22, 2008

Contemplating the nature of space and time

I'm in a little bit of a lull at work, putting together an admin project and tackling my natural inclination to avoid people in positions of authority head on (this is, after all, what the job is all about, and part of why I wanted it). Finishing my thesis resulted in an automatic range change, which in turn gives me a little more mad money. Perhaps now that I can be conscientious of my time and money, I will be more responsible with it. I confess I have allowed the pressures of grad school, fellowships and new jobs to cloud my judgment vis-a-vis finance, fitness and willpower. It never fails that my mind has an immediate and practically allergic reaction to any self-restraint I might attempt--in the month since I declared that I would spend less money, eat less food and get more organized, evidence of all three is resoundingly contrary.

I also thought finishing the beast would give me more time for blogreading, so I foolishly added about 10 to my regular queue, which has ballooned the daily "unread items" tally far beyond my erstwhile comfort level of approximately 100: the current list approaches 500. I suppose it's my fault for adding Andrew Sullivan.

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