Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interweb improvements

I have some internet tools that I or some similarly-minded but more technically advanced people need to get working on. Over the past several days, I have attempted to search for a new apartment and to find a campsite or cabin for the weekend. In both efforts, I have been stymied by the lack of consistent organization of information relative to both.

I need interweb tools that I can create, on the fly, that allow me to select ALL of my criteria. Not some, only to find out that the one critical piece of information I need to make the decision (in the case of the apartments, whether or not cats are allowed; in the case of the campsite, that the site is for TENTS, not RVs) isn't part of the search criteria, either because the advertiser didn't indicate as such, or because the system isn't designed for that criteria. I don't mean to slam the work that has already been done-- it's great. And I suppose that, generally speaking, the man hours it might take to make my idea a reality has diminishing returns. But even so, it would be really cool. And what about all the time I spend, daily, trying to find new ways to find these things? I can't be the only one. Though I probably am the only one to keep slogging as long as I do.

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