Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keep the faith

It seems I am too busy living a life to blog about it any more. However, it occurs to me that as I bond with new friends (and, incidentally, plan a last-minute trip to a cabin for memorial day weekend) and spend time with familiar ones, the lack of updates here prevents me from staying connected with the folks I don't see regularly.

I checked my mail today, and noted that as usual, there was nothing personal for me. Everything I receive comes in the form of advertisments and shipments of trinkets I've ordered from Etsy, eBay and Amazon. (Lovely stuff, though.) As much as I like to demonstrate my appreciation for others' handicraft by purchasing their work, I also wouldn't mind if my e-mail and snail mail contained something personalized more often. I've got so many things on auto-pilot that I forgot that my far-flung friendships still need cultivating. And, in a rare burst of synergy, maybe I can use some Etsy-sourced notecards to help me in my efforts.

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