Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh, the things I will do!

So, the thesis is finished. It is formatted, correctly. I made a minor error on my thesis approval page and also completely hosed the table of contents, so when I went to turn it in (at the eleventh hour, of course), I was told I have until Thursday to make it perfect and re-submit. I am motivated to finish today, so I'm on campus again, and I am determined to be done by this afternoon. It's just formatting, after all.

Since my complete and total mastery of my master's degree is tantalizingly imminent, I have been fantasizing about all the things I will do once the document is in the library, bound and completely finished (we'll ignore, for the moment, that I have to translate this into an executive summary for my client, because I'll do that next month). I have already started plotting some travel, though I'm still afraid of flying after my ordeal getting home from DC in December. I've even gone so far as to download an application for a US passport. I just got an e-mail from Chez French Girl regarding tours of the South of France in September. $2850 + airfare. I have two friends in London and one in Bristol that I'd like to visit as well. And then there's the Louvre. If I could spend a few days there, I might call my life complete.

There are simpler things I've been planning as well, like making my own kite a la third grade, finishing the mandala I started four years ago, practicing my guitar and clarinet, doing some of the hikes in this book I just ordered (, going camping and visiting friends San Francisco.

Welcome to the good life!

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