Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bad election commentary

I don't get why Steve Maviglio is on KCRA 3 calling Obama voters the "brie and champagne" Democrats. Wasn't he Gray Davis' spokesman? A more brie and champagne Democrat never was.

Looks like we're headed for a November runoff in the mayoral race. That would be good if there was anything more to unearth in this campaign to help differentiate the two candidates; as a result I'm now expecting my personal powerpoint presentation, replete with 3-D models, man-on-the-street interviews, GIS maps and a foot massage. And of course, some brie and champagne. Note to the Johnson and Fargo campaigns: I'm available evenings and weekends.

ETA: Dear Dave and Lois: as members of the media, it would behoove you not to deride the second primary election of the year, which is not "sort of" a second primary, nor "one could say" a second primary: it is a second primary. And it does have impact on people. Belittling smaller races is not the charge of the media, particularly not the local affiliate. Don't you get some overtime pay for covering all this stuff all night?

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