Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brain Dump

This is how it begins. I am slammed at work and loving it. I thrive on being ridiculously busy. As a result, I've had no time to relate my experience this past weekend in Reno and Tahoe with the family reunion, to complain about how I hate driving long distances, to note the price of gas is making me contemplate an electric vehicle or scooter, to describe the effect of the bowl of soot in which we live on my ability to breathe, to intimate how I really want to have a party soon, to brand the Supreme Court's decision on the Exxon Valdez INCREDIBLY LAME, and to tell y'all how I bought a Blackberry Curve yesterday.

As you know me to be a semi-tech junkie, the Blackberry is the point of this post. I was holding out for the iPhone, but my cell phone screen gave up the ghost yesterday. I decided to give in to my text message addiction and further enable my e-mail and internet obsessions and check out the Blackberry. I explained my dilemma to the customer service agent at the store, who advised me that I could simply buy a phone now, and trade it in for the iPhone if I deem it better when it comes out in 17 days. I like the keyboard on the Blackberry and I'm not certain I'll feel the same about the iPhone touchscreen. I hate how greasy phone screens get already, and I wasn't a big fan of grafitti in the Windows CE/Palm OS interfaces, so I can see how I might prefer the Blackberry. We'll see.

What's most interesting about the Blackberry purchase to me is how I can see how a device like this, when ubiquitous, will signal the death of e-mail as anything more than expensive text messages-- it's too time-consuming to compose more than a few sentences on the teensy keyboard, no matter how quick one's thumbs get. And try doing it on the bus!

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