Monday, June 02, 2008

Indecision 2008

This has never happened before. It is the day before an election and I haven't made up my mind on two races. First, I am on the fence in the mayoral race. I don't harbor the same frustrations with KJ that others do, nor am I supremely impressed with Heather Fargo's approach/priorities with respect to downtown development of late.  I think the two major candidates in this race both have a lot to offer, but neither is perfect. So I may do as the Bee suggests and vote for anyone but, in order to ensure a runoff election in November.

The other race I'm totally confused by is County Supervisor. I confess I haven't been keeping up with county supes meetings like I used to, so I have no clue what differentiates the competitors. However, it seems as if the American River Parkway figures prominently in the race. Maybe I'll just throw a dart.

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