Monday, June 16, 2008

Moth Wars

This weekend, despite a ban on going into the office, I didn't accomplish all of my organizing goals. I came across a bit of a moth infestation in my yarn stash that wasn't stored in my closet. Not one to fumigate at the drop of a hat, I did a quick internet search to find the least invasive approach to mothicide and discovered that freezing my yarn for 24 hours might do the trick. I called my dad to verify, and he said anything below 40 degrees would suffice. I suppose I could put things in the fridge too, but I'll stick with the faster option. In addtion, I'm going to dust cracks and crevices with boric acid and keep a spray bottle filled with diluted insecticidal soap on hand. Litte bastards.

Keeping a lot of paper around probably doesn't help, so I did manage to get rid of a fair amount. In the process, I organized all my cards that I keep on hand for birthdays, thank you notes and holidays. I happened upon a Christmas card that is fast becoming anachronistic:

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