Monday, June 30, 2008

New Regime

When I was in DC I made several awesome new friends in addition to spending time with my long-time pals. One of the new buds was Princezz o'Phun, whose blog I will link to in the sidebar when I have some time. Anyway, Princezz and I are kindred spirits: we hail from St. Louis, have interests in organizational development and public policy and are charting very similar career paths. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hang out as much as I would have liked in DC. And now here I am on the other coast. But what better way to keep in touch than to embark upon a crazy fitness program together? Thus, I give you, which Princezz has challenged her pals to undertake. The idea behind the program is that the pushup, being an excellent measure of total body fitness, is the perfect unit of focus for a fitness regimen. It appeals to me because it is a concrete goal that will result in improved fitness, which is a better measure of health than my current goal of losing 15 pounds by the end of July, but it will likely deliver that very result.

I started my program yesterday with an assessment: I was able to complete10 half-pushups (by half-pushup I mean balanced on hands and toes, but only able to lower myself halfway down--shoulder weakness as a result of several tennis injuries and a car accident prevents me from lowering myself to the floor, and I have the same problems with cobra pose in yoga, so I don't expect that to change.) I am able to do lady pushups (knees as fulcrum) with fewer difficulties, and I completed 20  without incident.  I used to do pushups on the wall, but I don't think that's strenuous enough and I can do nearly a hundred now as is. Of course, I have to modify the program to ensure that I don't injure myself, so I've set the following goals, which I will reevaluate in a few weeks:

Half-pushup goal: 50
Lady pushup goal: 100

I'll be creating a spreadsheet (of course) and tracking my progress here. Hopefully it will be of interest to somebody. Wish me luck!

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