Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fancy shopping

Lots of folks were out and about on Second Saturday. I noticed an increase in the number of roving bands of teenagers attending the event. They stand out because of their inability to queue properly and their obliviousness to the gallery-clogging effects of their tendency to assemble in the middle of the room. Despite this, I can't fault their burgeoning interest in art, even if its likely that only a quarter of them are doing it for the art. I really enjoyed the work at the gallery/studio behind Michaelangelo's this time. Very nice mixed media stuff. Last month, the highlight was the giant squirrel in the Solomon Dubnick Gallery.

We also went into a store I've always admired from outside, but which is rarely open when I drive by: Lumens. Who knew that, contrary to the street view, it is not only a lighting store but also contains housewares. Not just any housewares though, the sort I always see on Apartment Therapy, like FLOR carpet tiles, kitchen implements from Alessi and wall decals. I'll be going back!

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