Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Gilroy Garlic Festival is something you only need to see once. The traffic on 101 between San Jose and Monterey St, the lineup of cars everyone has to sit in as it crawls toward parking, and the dusty field one has no choice but to trudge across en route to the festival's entrance, in addition to the likely heat (it's the last weekend of July, after all), make it more trouble than its worth if garlic is your only reason for attending. A local event that raises funds for local charities, the festival attracts people to its curious blend of garlic-focused foods, kiddie rides and cheesy arts and crafts. There's not much else to it. A few bands play at various stages, and vendors hawk their wares, but I can't say that I learned much about garlic. I did purchase shrimp scampi, garlic bread and, of course, garlic ice cream. The verdict: not as weird as you think.

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