Monday, July 21, 2008

Not a young'un anymore

There's nothing like a measly hour-and-a-half doubles tennis match with friends on a Sunday afternoon to really drive home the fact that I am woefully out of shape relative to my tennis playing days. I suppose that, considering I am 12 years and three knee injuries older ought to figure into my self-consternation, thus preventing it, but it only serves to make clear to me that, 100 pushups aside (which have been doing wonders for my upper body strength), what I do at the gym every day is not cutting it. I've always tried to combine gym work with other activities like reading, listening to music and catching up on podcasts. Maybe that's the problem, conceiving of the gym as a place to hang out rather than to get down to business.

This led me to realize that I am not staying focused and driven in many areas of my life. I try to organize my time using the "elephant-eating" metaphor (how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time). As such, I make big lists of all my priorities and then divide them into daily tasks a la GTD. However, I'm beginning to think there is more to the "big rocks" theory of productivity, which encourages folks to focus on their most productive time and get the big things done, saving the smaller tasks for times when I'd rather be napping. And so, I'm moving into a more priority-oriented approach to organizing my time, and a more focused work out schedule. I'll keep you posted.

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