Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sign of the birthday times

Today, I cross over from golden birthday to a set of birthdays that I will probably care less about, at least in terms of milestones, until I hit 40 or so. Making less of a birthday certainly makes it easy to appreciate the little things people do to acknowledge one's existence.

Of course, being "in" my thirties now has got me thinking about what I'd like to accomplish long-term with my life. I've been having fun at work, doing some writing and generally making my way toward some kind of mastery of this stuff. It's cool to have a job that so directly applies what I learned in school, and yet still augments that learning and challenges me to develop new ways of looking at my work and at the world. And in the last year, I did accomplish quite a bit: finished grad school, went to DC, started a new job (that I might actually be good at).

I've been revisiting some of my pastimes from previous years as well. I'm signed up to co-lead the planning and execution of the River City Run for next year, am considering what it would take to do a podcast or magazine, have been knitting more lately, and bought myself the greatest birthday gift:

Yes, it's a Fender amp in an end table, painted red. I got it at Midtown Furniture & More on Sunday.

Here's hoping I can keep it all going.

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