Monday, August 11, 2008

If her sport is drinking, it's a good dress

The inspiration for last week's episode of Project Runway was the Olympics. The designers were asked to design a uniform for US athletes to wear during the athlete processional at the opening ceremony, focusing on the women's outfit. The winning and second place outfits focused on athletics, as did several others, but the outfit that stood out for me was the one that Michael Kors just couldn't leave alone:

Cute dress, nothing to do with the Olympics. Michael's insta-classic line from this episode forms the title of this post.

I've managed to watch the Olympics quite a bit, even though I can only watch a few hours of spliced up live action a night, which is a bit disappointing, but understandable given the time difference. The cheesy backstory that NBC produces for each athlete is getting ridiculous, inspiring Slate to introduce a Sap-o-meter to generate tag clouds of the schmaltzy words that pepper every heartstring-tugging biography of each athlete.

The Olympics has also inspired many knitting competitions, not least of which are the Ravelympics on Ravelry. I, of course, have no time to commit to knitting every day, but I have been taking advantage of some of my teevee time to work on Bad Penny (which, yes, I did start in January-- I'm a busy lady, okay?). In general, I've been getting back into knitting in a big way. A post on that to come.

What post on the Olympics would be complete without talking about the amazing athletic prowess on display? It's not everyday that we get to watch these men with the wingspans of albatross (Michael Phelps), muscles so large it seems that bending an arm is nearly impossible (Jonathan Horton), that phenomenal balance beam routine(Shawn Johnson), the breathtaking synchonized diving (Guo Jingjing) and killer womens beach volleyball. But what really blew me away, as cheesily as it was reported, was the story of Dara Torres, the 41-yo new mom competing in her 5th olympics. Color me inspired, and obsessed with her workout routine. Just a hunch here, but Dara will be selling fitness products for a long time with a story like that.

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